Approach. How evolution begins.


Take a minute and imagine:

  • Waking up feeling invigorated, because your career gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Using your skills and talents in alignment with your values and aspirations
  • Having more energy to pursue your activities and interests outside of work
  • Feeling more confident about your management of finances and other priorities

This vision of your future is intriguing, isn’t it? It holds the possibility of doing work every day that you love, and never again feeling as though life starts when your workweek ends. You can envision yourself more satisfied with your career than you’ve ever been, and you expect that this sense of satisfaction and happiness will extend into other areas of your life.

So what’s holding you back from living this story? If you’re like most of us, you’ve got a ready, reliable list of excuses. This is where coaching provides significant benefits. An experienced guide like The Crossroads Coach can offer you unconditional support and a proven process for exploring essential questions like:

What do you want?
When you lack complete clarity about what you want or where you want to go, it becomes hard to launch out of the gate and go after it. The bird in your hand may no longer be singing happily, but the elusiveness of the bird in the bush keeps us stuck. Clarity instills confidence, and sometimes that’s all it takes to overcome inertia and start on your way.
Why do you want it?
A strong set of core values influences your wishes, your wants, and every decision that you make. Connecting the dots between your values and your goals can offer valuable insights in terms of internal conflicts you may be experiencing when it comes to pursuing your ideal life. It will also help you identify any areas in which your actions and your priorities may be out of alignment. With greater self-awareness comes greater certainty that the benefits and rewards will be worth the effort you expend to obtain them.
Why don’t you have it?
While it’s certain there are external variables that can affect our ability to have what we want and be who we want to be, our greatest obstacles are often ourselves. Low energy presents a significant challenge when we try to effect positive change. Busy schedules lead to time management concerns, and can limit the mental space we need to plan and initiate a path forward. Thoughts and beliefs about what we deserve and are capable of achieving can disempower us in a millisecond. Once these internal and external blocks have been identified and dissected, it becomes easier to develop strategies to move through them.


There are five key components to coaching programs with The Crossroads Coach:

  1. Visualization. We work together to articulate a vision of the life and the person into which you want to evolve. As the dialogue progresses, we add detail and clarity to the picture. We also investigate aspects of the view that aren’t so clear. Through this exploration you gain awareness of the values and priorities that are shaping your vision.
  2. Energy Redirection. We examine how your energy is being allocated, and how much is available for your transition plans. Which aspects of your life are draining you, and which ones are giving you a boost? When we continuously cap off the “drains” and leverage the “boosts”, you have more energy to self-empower and sustain momentum.
  3. Facing Your Fears. An essential part of the process is identifying those internal and external blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Your confidence will increase as you investigate, challenge, and overcome these obstacles. We all can experience fear of failure, but we also can have the last word when we identify and leverage our strengths.
  4. Plan Design. We partner to chart and outline a path towards your vision. This includes a high-level plan for reaching your long-term goals, as well as a set of customized, personal objectives for your coaching program.
  5. Plan Implementation. Lifetime and long-term goals break down further into short-term and even weekly goals. Every coaching session wraps with intention setting and determination of next steps to build momentum and foster sustainable change beyond the boundaries of your program.

The depth and duration of our focus on each component will depend upon the coaching program you choose.