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5 Ways to Keep a Good Thing Going

A client emailed me this week with a few updates on her life since our last session. She said that she’d had a great weekend doing activities she enjoys, and that she had experienced an abundance of positive emotions. She wrote, “I felt confident, funny, independent and alive.”

As she headed into her workweek, she explained, those feelings stayed with her. She observed herself having powerful interactions with people and showing up to her meetings with a sense of calmness and focus that often eludes her.

In her email to me, she asked for tips on how to “keep up the positive spiral.”

It’s a question that comes up often with clients – How do I keep a good thing going?

In this week’s CATC post, I am sharing my response to her. Here are a few approaches you, too, might want to try:

1. RECREATE your best moments: Think about the elements that made certain experiences feel so good. Were you with a specific group of people or in a certain environment? Did those moments take place at a favorite time of day or during a favorite time of the year? Break the experience down into component parts. When you understand which elements had a positive impact, you begin to see opportunities to create more situations that leverage those elements.

2. REPLAY your best moments: If an experience was so unique that it couldn’t possibly be recreated, you still have the ability to reconnect with the memory of it and tap into the powerful feelings it caused. In doing so, perhaps there are elements of the memory—or the feelings of the memory—that you can add into your visualization for the day ahead.

3. REMINDERS: Write an empowering note to keep in your pocket and retrieve when you want a boost throughout your day. The note could contain a message of confidence or a quote that has always inspired you.

4. JOY SNACKS: In the same way you need to fuel an exercise workout, you can fuel your positive momentum with more positivity. Think about the littlest things that give you joy. Make a list of those that are at all times immediately accessible to you. Then simply have a snack when you need it or—better yet—have a snack preemptively, before you get hungry.

5. MAKE A CALL: Call a friend. Call your coach. Call anyone in your life that has high energy and a positive outlook. Your team of supporters is cheering you on at all times. Why wait to call when you need a “pep talk”? Call when you’re already “up” and share the good stuff, too. Everyone will walk away feeling uplifted.

Keep a good thing going! Which of these approaches resonate with you? What helpful tips would you like to add? I would love to hear them.

With support and encouragement for your journey,

Founder, The Crossroads Coach

Published July 1, 2014