Conversations at the Crossroads.

Embrace the Ride

A client told me this week that she feels like she is on a “roller coaster.”

By way of explanation, she described how a recent development had left her feeling discouraged about efforts she had been making to grow her business. Yet, her disappointment dissipated to some degree when, later in the same week, a highly productive meeting seemed to indicate she had won a new client.

“So many up’s and down’s,” she reflected. “It’s really been a roller coaster.”

Her use of this metaphor made me thoughtful. When it comes to real-life amusement park roller coasters, we have come to expect that a ride will offer a combination of peaks and valleys. We know this, and we* choose to ride for that reason—with anticipation and eagerness for the high’s and the low’s that the ride will deliver.

What if we could apply similar thinking to life in general—the perspective that “high’s and low’s” are both part of a grand ride we can choose to embrace fully? Could we set an intention to appreciate the peaks AND the valleys, adopting a mindset that both are meaningful when it comes living a vibrant life? Perhaps this mindset would help us stay grounded in moments of great joy and also expand our access to optimism in moments of disappointment or sadness, because we would trust that there will be an upswing again at the next turn.

It’s an idea that I plan to try on for size, this week and any time the valleys threaten to bring me down. I encourage you to join me and let me know how it goes.With support and encouragement for your journey,

Founder, The Crossroads Coach

*Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m not one for roller coasters, personally. But I stand by the idea that the roller coaster metaphor is a good one!

Published November 23, 2016