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Four Strategies for Success

Ask ten people what the word “success” means to them, and you will hear ten different answers. The meaning and importance of the word can be highly subjective. Yet, we all can likely agree that, generally speaking, “success” is about reaching a goal or achieving a desired outcome, and we observe in daily life how some strategies seem broadly applicable when it comes to staying on track and maintaining momentum. Here are four strategies that have proven useful for Crossroads Coach clients in moving towards their personal notions of “success.”

Keep one eye on the big picture.
It’s easier to veer off-course when you’re looking at the ground in front of you rather than the horizon. If you are experiencing loss of momentum or feeling a lack of purpose and connection with the task at hand, pause and plug back into the larger goal – “the Why” – that launched you down this path in the first place. Reestablishing that connection will recharge your resolve and result in a greater sense of clarity about where you are going and how you want to get there.

Focus on the next step.
Having an ability to see the big picture is essential for success; at the same time, it is not uncommon to become occasionally overwhelmed when considering the time and effort you will expend to reach a big goal. In such moments, having the ability to laser focus on a single next step can be helpful in overcoming temporary paralysis. Jumping from one stone to the next, the view will change, and new possibilities may open up that you hadn’t seen before.

Be willing to make adjustments.
Just because you have a tendency to approach certain situations in a certain way doesn’t mean you always have to. At any point in time that you realize a typical behavior isn’t creating the desired outcome, you have an opportunity to change your behavior. Consider what options you have for showing up differently, experiment with an alternative approach, and see what happens. Creativity and flexibility are attributes that set you up to design innovative solutions and to handle whatever life unexpectedly sends your way.

Value the experience.
When you adopt the mindset that everything is an opportunity for personal growth, you spend less time and energy judging, blaming, and regretting. Instead, you find yourself “in the moment”—appreciating the experience itself, and discovering new paths and possibilities that might foster the sense of fulfillment you seek. There is liberation in letting go of excess baggage, and when you are able to do so you may realize that success is even closer than you had imagined.

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Founder, The Crossroads Coach

Published March 24, 2014

This material was written as a contribution to “Six Habits for Successful Entrepreneurs” on Coach Leena Roy’s website, Choice Over Chance. To read her post, go to