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Inhale Strength. Exhale Doubt.

We all have moments when our confidence falters.

No matter how certain we are of our knowledge and capabilities—even when there is vast historical evidence pointing to the likelihood of future success—there is often a chink in the armor somewhere, a quiet lurking vulnerability with the potential to bring down the house if activated.

Self-doubt. It’s powerful stuff. When we let it in and give it permission to expand, it is all too willing to take up the available space. And once it has infiltrated and comfortably occupied the premises, it can be a difficult tenant to evict.

That is not to say that Doubt is never helpful. At times, it inclines us to be a little more cautious or thoughtful, or to seek out more information or support before making our move. We can all think of scenarios in which a considered pause would be (or has been) helpful.

At other times, however, Doubt is not helpful at all, as when it spontaneously generates speed bumps and barricades on a road that appeared smooth just moments before.

We know that getting past Doubt is critical to our happiness and sense of fulfillment. But, how? How can we reconnect with Confidence when it seems just out of reach?

An intentional mindset shift makes all the difference.

I heard this in a yoga class this week:

Inhale strength. Exhale doubt.

It really resonated with me, as I considered the moments when I’ve at first felt so strong and then suddenly felt myself slip. The phrase calls for a mindset shift, using breathing as a vehicle. If we visualize inhalation as inviting in what we want, and exhalation as releasing what we don’t want, therein lies some power to move back to solid ground.

I’m committed to practicing over the next few weeks, to inhale strength and exhale doubt. With so much going on these days, I’m open to any little tip that will release some stress and allow me to focus on what matters more.

What about you? How useful might this practice/mantra be in your world? I would love to hear.

With support and encouragement for your journey,

Founder, The Crossroads Coach

Published August 31, 2015