Conversations at the Crossroads.

You Inspire Me

“Think about three wishes you have for your life.”

Those of you who have worked with me may remember when I asked this of you.

And, hopefully, you also remember the wishes themselves – your three wishes.

Do you remember them?  I do. I wrote them down so that I would remember them, and so that I would remember your story as you told it to me.

Your story is special. I really do believe that, and I’m wondering today if you believe it, too. Your story is unique, absolutely one-of-a-kind. There will never be another story exactly like yours.

For this reason, I am grateful that you told your story to me. And, for this reason, my intention today is to convince you to share your story with others, openly, and frequently. Be an inspiration to others the way you are to me.

You are writing your own story, every day, and that is an inspiration to us all. It is an inspiration to those who believe that the chapters of our lives merely “unfold,” rather than believe that we have the power to write those chapters to a large degree ourselves. It is an inspiration to those who doubt they could ever have what they wish for. It is an inspiration to those who have not realized that they can create positive change, in small or grand steps, over the course of a lifetime. Many will never realize it.

But they are not you.

You are writing your own story. You may not know yet what happens next, but you have a strong belief that you have some say in the matter. That is what sets you apart. Don’t ever forget that.

This week, tell someone your story. Describe what’s going on for you right now, and see what happens. Maybe the listener will have some thoughtful input or an idea you can put to use. Maybe the listener will have in mind someone you should meet, or a new opportunity that makes sense for you. Maybe he or she will offer you words of affirmation, to counter some of the self-doubt that occasionally shows up. Or, perhaps the listener will draw strength from your story and self-empower to make changes, too.

Share your story. Inspire, and be inspired. So much good may come of it! I would love to hear how it goes.

With support and encouragement for your journey,

Founder, The Crossroads Coach

Published April 17, 2013